tall, golden, azure eyed.

she couldn’t help herself. he was the new perfection.

he lightly pulled the back of her smooth neck, under mahagony strands, towards him.

her seafoam eyes peaked out of ebony lashes, into his own.

lip on lip full out touch. hungry.

tongues lash together.

his hand found the curve of her cheek.

she gripped the hard ridges of his sides, over his soft cotton undershirt.

bodies pressed into one.

luscious fullness against stone chest.

sliding hand against arched back, bringing closer.

his mouth repeatedly devoured.

clothes were torn away urgently.

her hands treked behind his neck,

he lifted her up, legs guided to his waist.

her thighs gripped hips.

still entwined, he lowered the two to the floor.

his lips skimmed her collarbone,

hair fell in waves down her back.

nails into his shoulders,

she enveloped him, one.


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