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cannot stop myself

Whew, I’m in a Nine Inch Nails mood today. I love this video for multiple reasons… Josh Freese is always incredible to watch, he really gets into the drums. The song, that guitar riff gets me every time. Oh, and Trent’s Henley is really working for me.. 😉

I’m too scared…

Possibly my favorite song at the moment..

spiced honey

Hands find the hem of her silken shirt
Tugging higher
As it ripples over her head
His spiced honey waves
Curl around her slender fingers
Easing him to tip down
Teeth catch her lower lip
She opens to him
Tongues dance in fevered play

Slow with agony
He unleashes the button of her jeans
Heart thumping with each tick
Of her zipper
His clothes still gracing his beautiful skin
She leans into him
Breasts against pure cotton
Her hands seeking
Fingertip grazes inside the band of his briefs
No doubts

Tumbled as one
His body covering hers on the gleaming floor
Her hands clutch strong shoulder blades
Stuck out from the strain
Thighs welcome hips
Smothering all fear
The moment is here…

dreaming of…


“Dreaming of you pushing up to me,
And I know where it’s gonna lead.
I’m dreaming of you rushing up to me,
You know it’s where you want to be..”

-Bombay Bicycle Club

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by chance she saw him
sitting a few chairs down
once acknowledged
she couldn’t pull her eyes away
palms sweating
heart pounding
he was there
right in her face
cinnamon dusted jaw
pale cheeks

as his head moved in her direction
she was caught staring
intent cornflower eyes
searched for recognition
she attempted to shake off
all the knowing looks
hesitant decision was made
as he moved out of his seat
made his way

the voice that spoke
had existed in her sleep
his hand was soft
fingertips rough
when he enveloped hers
as time grew
she tried to be aloof
an offer blurted
from his lips

as it went
their shoes crunching
the ground underneath
stolen glances
he reached out
pulled her into the alley
moved in
touched her face
his hand
ran through her hair
the back of her neck

her tongue ran across
petal pink lips
an invitation
he brought his
onto hers
lightly brushed against
her hands clutched
the sides of his shirt
feel the man underneath

he lost himself
strangers latching on
he could not
would not
break away
he gripped her with urgency
connecting her back
to the cool stone wall
this was enough
no words spoken
bodies told all