we met in a dream…

Some of you know that I’ve been writing short stories for a couple of months. I only have a handful of stories at this point, and can’t promise that it will be in perfect form. BUT- I think I’m ready to share. I wrote this yesterday, comments and feedback most welcome.

We were to meet at a sleek restaurant downtown. Just have some drinks and get a feel for the situation. She and I had known each other for a couple of months, and shared some secret fantasies. My hands shook with nervousness as I pushed open the door to go inside. The restaurant was dark, but what little light was reflected off of the silver panels hanging in the room. I went to the host and discovered she had arrived before me. He led me to her table, she sat with her shimmery golden legs crossed. Her naturally black hair smooth and straight hanging over her full breasts.

“Quinn, you look great!” She took and kissed my cheek with an embrace.
“Hey Mari, you look beautiful as always.” I replied as I sat in the cushy chair. The waiter reached us and Mari ordered our drinks, a chardonnay for herself, looking to me as she requested a Jameson with Sprite and lime for me. I nodded yes in the affirmative.
“So how have things been?” She asked.
“Good, busy as fuck. You?”
“Busy too at work, dodging men at all costs.” She laughed.
“Lucky, lucky.”

It was no secret that I found her beautiful, even with some envy. Buried deep in that envy, there was also a strong attraction. I had never been so mesmerized by a woman in my life, it didn’t surprise me that men were beating down her door. Our drinks arrived, I took my first sip, noticing her glancing at me under her ebony lashes. My hair had cooperated tonight, curling in large chestnut waves,  framing my face and falling across my pale shoulders. I had on a dark charcoal sheath, with a lace overlay. Open toe black patent mary-jane pumps, black jewel drop earrings. My light green eyes catching her amber ones, smiling with an appreciation.

Mari began to tell me of the men currently harassing her mind.
“There’s this one, fuck, he’s hot, but I know he’s a complete asshole. I have to mentally slap myself to stay away! Sometimes I think it would be easier to just to be with my friends and keep my distance from the jerks I bring my way.”
“You don’t deserve to be treated like shit, I would wait, and see who comes along.” I reached out and put my hand over hers. “It’s just a waste of someone like you, anyone would be happy to have you.”
There are probably many women having a similar conversation around the world, but I’m sure not many had the underlying tension that was making my foot tap on the hard floor. I wondered if she knew what I was thinking… Legs wrapped together, breasts pressing each other.. Maybe she heard my thoughts, “Quinn, let’s go to my apartment and relax there, without all of this craziness going on around us.”
Wow. “Sure. We can have some drinks and hang out.”

When we got to her apartment, we were both slightly buzzed from the drinks at the restaurant. She looked around a little nervously, so cute in strapless black minidress.
“I’ll get us a drink.” She said, smiling.
“Sounds good.” I followed her into the little modern kitchen. She turned with glasses in hand, and looked up to me. I was a good 5 inches taller than her little petite body. She reached out and twirled one of my curls around her fingers.
“You’re really incredible yourself, you know that right?”
“I try to tell myself that..” A flush rose high on my cheeks.
“You have incredible legs. I wish I was as tall as you.”
“No! You’re so great proportioned. Tiny with big boobs.” I laughed a little.
“You know the boobs are what men always want first, but yours are pretty good sized too.”
I looked down at mine, they had always been my pride, other than my eyes. Then, standing right there in the middle of her kitchen, she grabbed my hand and put it on one of her breasts.

“It’s not a big deal, feel them. Can I check out yours?” I had never seen this side of Mari, and with shock, I was estatic.
“Yes, go ahead.” We stood there face to face, groping each other. I cupped one of hers, spilling out of my hand. They were firm and luscious. Only momentarily distracted as she ran her fingers across mine and found the nipple. Her thumb stroked it over my dress, and it puckered instantly to her touch. I started to pulse, wondering if she felt the same.
“Do you want to get in my Jacuzzi?” She asked me, still fondling my breast.
“Okay. I don’t have anything to wear though.”
“Oh, it’s just us girls, let’s not wear anything.” There was a glint in her eyes.  She led me to the bath, both still fully clothed. Bent over, she turned on the knobs to get the water going in the huge tub. Her ass was on full display in her tight dress. Fully rounded to perfection. She turned to find me looking at her over the rim of my glass, I giggled in the nervousness.
“Let’s get out of these clothes. Put your foot on the edge.”
I did as she asked and she unbuckled one shoe. Sliding it off of my foot. Lowering that foot to the floor, I put up the other. She kicked her pumps off and turned her back to me.
“Could you unzip me? It’s on the side.”
I found it, under her arm, running next to her breast. When it was unzipped, the side of her breast showed. I ran one finger down it. She let the dress fall to the floor, and stood in nothing but a wide lace thong.
“Okay, your turn.” I felt her fingers on my back, and she pulled my zipper down. She leaned forward and pressed her lips in the center of my back. My whole body shivered. I removed my dress the rest of the way, and turned to face her. Breasts revealed, ass tight in boy shorts. I looked at Mari.
“Those panties are very cute.”
“Thanks, I really like yours too. Your ass is fucking great.”
I had to catch my breath at her admission. I reached between us, and slid a finger into the side of her thong. Edging it down her hip, my finger between the lace and her skin. The panties met the area where her legs slimmed and fell to the floor. Her hands found my ass and she squeezed, pulling me closer to her. She moved to her knees and nipped at me over my panties. She slid her hands into the backside, inside the panties, skin on skin. Pulling them all the way off. Her face right in my area, she pressed a kiss to my clit. I pushed into her, and her tongue came out and flicked the spot. I slid my hands into her hair, supporting her head. She pulled away after a minute, and looked up into my eyes hazy and heavy.

“I think the tub is ready.”
I stepped over the edge and sunk into the hot water. My breasts buoyant at the surface. Mari got in at the other side, and wrapped her legs around my waist.
“Is this okay?” She asked lightly.
I barely managed a breathy yes.
Leaning forward, I set my lips to hers. Gentle at first, then heads tilted, mouths opened. Our tongues tentatively touched, sparking a wave of desire overwhelming. As we kissed, our breasts swirling in the water, nipples touched. I had to feel her. Grabbing at her back and pulling her fully on my lap. Groins pressed together, she moved around and up and down. Our clits creating friction against each other. I reached between, and rubbed her with my index and middle fingers. She broke the kiss, to come against my hand. Her head thrown back, the tips of her hair succumbing to the water.

“Mmmm.. Let’s take care of you. Sit on the tub.”
I perched on the tub, one hand behind me to support. Her mouth found my breast, sucking and lightly biting. Still in the bath, she crouched between my legs. Tongue trailing down my stomach, opening me up and lapping at my clit. She slid a couple fingers inside me, and made a ’come here’ motion. I gasped and found her breast. Massaging it as she finished me off, moaning and bucking at her face.
We got out of the tub completely, and toweled each other off. She pressed a kiss to my lips.
“Let’s take a nap.”
“Sounds good.”
We laid in her bed, facing each other, legs entwined. Breasts scant centimeters away, our hands enveloped between our heads. We slept.

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  1. This is so hot!

    You are an amazing writer. Your short stories and your poems are pretty awesome.
    I actually, slightly embarrassed, can’t wait to read more.


  2. Wow, nice work, Song. I concur with cheeky…tres hot! Post some more…

  3. I dropped a comment in one of your poems, and I like this story too. It’s titillatingly hot. It’s all about the lead up, the tension, the developing encounter, until the end when it gets to body parts. But even then your writing is refreshing, not seedy, and your prose has poetic feeling. Here are some lines I like:

    “Do you want to get in my Jacuzzi?”
    Yeah right, that’s funny–totally tongue in cheeky.

    “Is this okay?” She asked lightly.
    Yes, ask if your partner is okay. That’s sweet. Nice touch. And along the same lines:

    “Mmmm.. Let’s take care of you. Sit on the tub.”

    Nice story. Considerate, sweet, and arousing.

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