3- A somewhat magic number

This story is at the request of http://woodynyou.wordpress.com/.

When I was 20 years old I dated a crazy guy. He was 27 I think, and very different than what I was used to. He had fair good looks, freckled skin, blonde hair, angular face, green eyes. We were ‘together’ for around 7 months. Depending on your definition of ‘together’. 😉 Aka, there were other men in my life, as I am sure there were other women in his. Around the time he and I got ‘together’, I also became very close to a woman I had worked with briefly. She was the same age as he was. It turned out, they had slept together before I had known either. She and I actually lived together briefly, but we spent a lot of time at his place.

One night, I was going to head to his house, and she wanted to go. The three of us got into his bed and put a movie on. One thing led to another of course, and he and I went at it. Clothes were discarded, mouths devoured. I got on my knees, and he proceeded to fuck me. She seemed pretty ambivalent to the situation, right next to us, watching the movie. I can’t remember exactly how it came about, but…

I was on my back, legs wrapped around his waist, the heels of my feet pressing into his lower back, urging him further and faster into me. He glanced at her, mid-thrust, and told her to suck on my tits.
**Back story: She had always loved my breasts, they were bigger and much fuller than hers.**
She immediately obliged. Licking my nipples and squeezing my tits with her whole hands. She kissed my mouth a few times. I’m pretty sure I reached out and grabbed hers also a couple of times.

This went on until the finish. She and I had a tendency to kiss while intoxicated on occasion, but that was as far as it ever went between us. And I will say, that was not the first time he and I had a sexual experience with another person. That story will be told another time. .. 😉

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  1. That was an incredible story! Thank you for posting it. I can’t wait for the sequel 🙂

  2. Ohhhh girl! that was delicious. Mmmmm, I don’t remember ever having sex fun quite like that especially with a third person involved, HOWEVER! Doggoneit, I sure wish that I had done that in my early years. How cool is that? to have your man thrust deep inside doing his “thing” and a girl sucking your titties! I would go wild, absolutely wild! Woohoo! As a matter of fact I’m headed to Vegas tomorrow and my hubby PROMISED to whip me all over our room!

  3. xme, I think you need me to spank you while your husband fucks you! Have a great time!


    How I wish that I had been invited, also. 😉
    Very hot post.

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