tearing my will down

You know how in movies they have those ten second flashback scenes? Normally with some sort of dramatic sound/music happening. Well- this is kindof what happens to me when I see a man I’m attracted to. Yesterday, I saw two. Both men that I have written my fantasies with them out in story form. Instead of past though, it’s a flash of scenes, of what is possible.

*Backstory: I live in a very small town, around 3,000 people. Therefore, I tend to see these men often or occasionally.

The first one I saw yesterday, I noticed a while back. Probably in early summer last year. He’s very tall, lean, with sharp features. The second I see him, my heart beats super fast and I can’t stop myself from staring. Yesterday, to make matters worse, he had on eyeglasses. Which, on the right guy, are one of my kryptonites. The scenes start flashing:

He turns to look at me, I’m close. He grabs me and lifts my legs around his waist…. My hands start to knock off the hat on his head. He clothes are torn away in urgency…

The other guy, I have entertained fantasies about for around the same amount of time. But I know this man, fairly well. He’s very charming, has a great smile, and one of the best asses I’ve ever seen on a man. Similar things happen to me with him, I may not get as excited, but tend to revert into my own mind. I wonder what he looks like with no clothes. What his fingers would feel like brushing my nipples. I normally see these scenes:

He kisses me, lips swollen, face red from his rough face… Lifts me onto the counter, no time to remove clothes, only necessities. My hands wrapped around his shoulders, inviting him further and further in…

This song always makes me think about it:

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  1. thepostmanalwaysrings

    Thanks…..a wonderful description of what goes through your mind in these situations. I just wonder if the men have any clue at all? 🙂

  2. thepostmanalwaysrings

    My pleasure. Often a look in the eye that lasts a millisecond too long is enough to give the game away, especially if followed by a flick of your hair, or stroking your hand through your hair… …if you ever need them to get a subliminal signal 🙂

    • I definitely don’t need to give any signs! But, I vaguely recall an instance where I did stare a little too long at a guy, and he smiled a little. Okay, maybe there were a couple of instances. Although it wasn’t with either of these guys. 🙂

  3. I saw you in the hardware store, where a woman belongs, behind the pots and pans. I came around the aisle, and you looked at me–for too long. Your thoughts were obvious.

    I took you by your wrist and pulled you into the back room. You tried to resist, but it was only a token. I turned you around, pulled up your skirt, and pulled down your panties.

    Your moans, of fear and submission, drove me on.

    I pulled your sweater over your head and lifted your bra over your head, too, without unclasping it. I put my hand between your legs.

    “Dont,” you pleaded, but I knew you wanted it.

    I touched your breasts, ran my fingers along their sides and underneath, and then I smoothed the tips of my fingers over your nipples before grasping them between thumbs and forefingers.

    “You’ll do what I tell you, or I’ll hurt you,” I said

    “Please don’t hurt me,” you pleaded. “I’ll do what you want.”

    “Good girl.”

    I took out my penis. It was stiff, hot, and hard, and I put it between your legs from behind, into that dark hollow. “It’s going in you, soon” I said.

    “I know,” you whimpered.

    I sawed it in and out, preparing you, and then I entered you. You were tight, wet, and ready, and it was but a minute before you came.

    And then it was my turn to come, and I wanted to use you for a long time, but I couldn’t. You were too arousing, and I came soon after you. I cursed. “You horny slut. You’ll come back again tomorrow,” I ordered.

    “I don’t know,” you said.

    “Yes you do. You’ll come back. Come at three, same as today, but tomorrow it will take a long time.”

    “Okay,” you whimper, again.

    I pull up your panties, lower your skirt, and give you your sweater.

    You reach for your bra, but I shake my head. “I’ll keep that, for now,” I said

    “Okay,” you answered, submissively, as if you had a choice.

    You put on your sweater. Your nipples showed as much as if you were naked.

    “Three o’clock,” I repeat. “Don’t be late, or else.”

    You shake your head Yes.

    • Holy shit, naughty naughty Matt. 🙂

      • Yeah, I guess I got carried away. I do like naughty fantasies, but it’s only a fantasy. I mean no disrespect,and I hope you didn’t take it badly. If so I’m sorry. If not and if you think it’s appropriate thank your hubby for letting me use you this way.

  4. It’s okay Matt. I was a little shocked, but it’s okay. 🙂

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