the exquisite pain



Last night, I suppose I was feeling pretty randy. While the dinner was in the oven, I went to our bedroom and changed into my black corset and hot pink lace boy shorts. We played a game, and ate dinner. All while I wore lingerie. After dinner I pulled out my whip, and gave it to the Hubs. He proceeded to slap me all over with it.

I bent fully over for him to get a great shot of my ass. He whipped my back, thighs and ass. Then told me to get onto the Zeppelin Lounger.zeppelin

I got on my knees, towards one end. He tugged my corset up, and whipped my bare back. My panties were pulled off, and he slid into my wetness. He fucked me, while continuously whipping me. It hurt, but it was a thrill. I wanted to growl, and do all kinds of primal things. He told me to get onto my back. I spread my legs to greet him. My corset has hook and eye closures all down the front, I undid a few so he could push my breasts out. He then whipped my breasts, particularly the nipples, over and over as he drove into me. I’ve never felt such exquisite pain and pleasure at the same time. My nipples were stinging, and felt like they were on fire. But, it only spurred me on further.

I played with myself while he continued his onslaught, coming fairly fast. Wrapped up in the endorphin rush through my brain. I felt almost dizzy, and incoherent for a while.  

The only limit I reached, was when he tried to put the crop across my mouth. It hurt. I had to tell him no on that one. I was surprised how far he took it, really reveling in fucking me hard, and showing his dominance. After, I had quite a few red marks, and today, I still feel a little sore in some spots. But— it was well worth it. I hope for a repeat performance soon.

**Sorry the Zeppelin Lounger pic sucks, it was the only one I could find…**

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  1. Wow, 1st time reader here and I really enjoyed that. I have never been into pain during sex until recently when I asked my husband to slap me across the face. It sent tingles directly to my pussy, as did reading your account here.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I just found your blog a couple days ago, and have been reading. πŸ™‚ The pain thing, isn’t something that can be done all the time for me. But every once in a while, it’s nice. I can’t recall if I’ve ever been slapped in the face, may have to make that happen. πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, that was red hot, sweetie! Nice work. Seems like you’re really pushing some boundaries, both in your writing and your sex life. I love being a voyeur! Keep it up…

  3. thepostmanalwaysrings

    Wonderfully erotic….I felt every whip πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing this. It has made me think of a clip a young couple had posted on Tumblr (I must find it again), where she is sat on a chair tied, while he continues to smack her breast and nipple quite hard, until you see the redness appear as he also pinches her nipples. The look of ecstasy and pain on the girls face with each smack is sublime.
    This got me very very hard….thank you!

  4. thepostmanalwaysrings

    Sorry, couldn’t find it…but I had fun looking. I am sure I’ll find it again some time soon and let you know.

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