keep your secrets with you girl

Currently obsessed…

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  1. thepostmanalwaysrings

    I really like it…..are they well known? Sounds like such a combination of many past influences, including Jim Morrison, the Animals….and so many that will come to me later….my favourite line and music, ‘would you wait for me, the other one? Wait for me’…very evocative of something I just can’t put my finger on….a kind of ‘folky’ Cold Play at the beginning…I like the mandolins, and the build up…Great song!!

    • I get a certain feeling from it too, but have yet to completely understand the lyrics. 🙂 I love music that has such an oldies influence. I’m not sure how popular they are, I first heard of them a few days ago.

      • thepostmanalwaysrings

        I have just checked Wikipedia and they come from Seattle and quote their style as ‘baroque harmonic pop jams’…a wonderful new treat. I will certainly find out more of what they have ‘out there’

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