sweet revelation

*This is the longest story I have, and it’s cut down quite a bit.*

Night was barely falling in the hot dry heat of my hometown. I was relieved that I had put on a sundress at the last moment before leaving my parent’s spare bedroom. The slight breeze tickled my cleavage and wafted into the open skirt of the navy blue dress, dotted with tiny flowers in shades of gray and blue. I was only visiting a week, and had run into an old friend, Tom, who immediately invited me to a barbeque at his house. I was a little unsure, considering it had been 8 years since I had last seen any of the people that would be there.

Familiar faces swirled about me, asking questions on my life, job, etc. Tom helping me remember everyone and trying to include me in the conversations. There was one man there, I did not recognize, and he appeared to be a friend of everyone. I stared, trying to place him, only barely concealed by the glass I held to my mouth. I took him in completely, jeans, sky blue button down shirt, cap, boots. I could see his sideburns were a light reddish color, a weeks worth of beard across his jaw and square chin. His smile was wide and infectious. I stepped out of the throng of people surrounded me, his eyes finally finding mine. The smile wavered a little, before he put it firmly back in place. He dislodged from his group some, coming closer to me. I set my glass on the railing of the deck, I felt him approach, prickles of apprehension racking my body. When I turned to face him, I still couldn’t figure out who he was. All I knew was the attraction pulsing within me, urging me to smile and tuck a strand of chestnut hair behind my ear.
“Could I get one of those?” He motioned to the cigarette in my hand.
“Sure.” Still smiling, composure waning, as I passed it to him, fingers brushing. The cigarette between his lips, one hand cupping the end. The flame lit and made his face more visible. I knew him somehow… I stood in a stupor as he took the first drag, then flicked the ash.
“How have you been Quinn?”
My forehead pinched as my eyes looked at him curiously.
“I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to place you. I feel as if I should, but my mind is a little weak at the moment.” I tipped my head to indicate the cold glass beside me.
“Wow, what a bitch you are still. It’s Matthew. Matt.” His smile was gone, instead two hard lines of lips pressed together.
“Seriously? Call me a bitch, when I never did a thing to you. You’ve only treated me with disgust since I met you.” My jaw had dropped at his admission. I couldn’t believe this man I had been lusting over all night, was Matt. Or Matthew now apparently. I felt fifteen again, cowering under his cruelty. I walked away, into the house and closed the bathroom door.

My face looked into the mirror. Was I really twenty eight years old? I wasn’t the teenager I felt, at the moment. I was the grown woman, full breasts, lush hips and ass. My eyes had changed, no longer blue, now gray. Still striking, yet better. Last I had heard Matt had moved away. Gone. Why was he here? There was never anyone in my life that had treated me and been treated with such animosity. I first met him at fifteen. My girlfriends and I had fallen in with a group of guys, five years older than us. The twenty year olds had basked in our admiration. Matt was a scrawny man-child, with long hippie blond hair that looked as if it always needed a wash. Pink Floyd listener, pot smoker to the extreme. Complete loser. He had been a total jackass, and always treated me with hatred. I tried to stay away from his jabs, but he was always around.

Pushing away all of the attraction I had been feeling, I felt slightly ill. He was complete slime, now repackaged in handsome veneer. I took another look at myself, to remember, I was a different person now. There was no need for him to have any feelings for me other than indifference. I opened the door to find Tom on the other side, looking concerned.
“What’s happening Quinn?”
“Oh. Nothing. It’s okay.” I looked him straight in the face, no emotions apparent.
“Is it Matthew?” He asked.
“Well.. Yes I suppose. He makes my skin crawl.”
“He’s a different person now. The fun guy I knew is still there, but he’s really grown up.”
I shook my head in disagreement. “I don’t think so. He acted the same as before to me.”
“Well, I don’t understand completely what the problem ever was between you.”
“I never did either, we just didn’t like each other.”
“You looked like you might have changed your thoughts on that, for a moment on the deck earlier.” He chuckled.
“I had no idea who he was! Then he immediately goaded me into foolishness.”
“He does look pretty different. I think if you spoke with him more, it might be different.”
“No way is that happening. We’ll just have to agree to disagree at this point, Tom. I can’t imagine him in any way except the asshole child he has always been. Let’s go back outside.”

He nodded in compliance. Leading the way onto the deck, both of us floating back into the people. I lit a cigarette, and finished my drink. I talked with others as normal as possible, until I felt the brush of fingers across my upper arm. My head snapped to see him, really see him. His face set hard, royal blue eyes sharp and deep.
“Yes?” I practically hissed.
“Take a walk with me.” Matt ground out.
My eyes look questioning at his, his head jerked in the direction of a wooded area near the back of the yard.
“Planning on murder?” I asked sarcastically.
“Let’s walk.”
He took my hand to pull me away, intense feelings jolted me deep in my abdomen. I yanked my hand away.

We walked away from the group, stepping onto the lush green summer grass. The darkness more apparent, I tried to forget whose body heat was radiating next to mine. We continued in silence, the sounds of the party dwindling with each step. He stopped to face me, only a shadow in the closing in night. As quiet as possible, malice in every syllable, he broke the silence.
“What the fuck is happening here?”
“What do you mean? I have no fucking idea. You called me a bitch earlier.”
“The look on your face told me all I needed to know.”
“I was in complete shock, you ass. I had no idea who you were.” Our voices were getting louder. He grabbed my arm, fingers wrapped all the way around and pulled me further away.
“If you had known, you wouldn’t have been drooling like you were.”
It was my turn to stop, I pushed a hand to his chest, his fingers still gripping my arm.
“I was not drooling. I was trying to figure out who you were.”
“Okay, right. It’s not like I haven’t watched you many times in the past, do the same exact thing. Puppy dog eyed at Tom, or Marc, or shit Eli for that matter.”
“I was a child then, you idiot. Boy crazy. Idolizing the men in my company.”
“Yep, boy crazy. You were, for almost every one of my friends.” He spat out.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” I couldn’t help myself, my flat palm pushed at his chest again. My anger too overbearing to feel the hard muscle of his pec under my hand.
“You are completely blind. Totally, utterly.” I could see the shape of his head move side to side. Disbelieving.

The grip on my arm tightened, and he crushed me into him. My bare legs against his jeans, my breasts to his chest, face so close, I could feel his breath hot on my face. In a chilling whisper he asked,
“Who do you feel against your body? Do you realize it is me?”
I couldn’t answer, confused by hate and lust at the same time. I crossed the line the final few centimeters, where our mouths met. Opening fully, resentful, yet passion blazed. His arms wrapped around my body, hands splayed, one on my dress, the other burning my bare upper back. Ours tongues teased and tangled, both trying to give, neither wanting to receive. I wouldn’t even let a whimper escape, I knew what I was doing. He wouldn’t take control of me. I knocked his hat off of his head, roughly twirling my fingers through his hair. Kneading the back of his head, spurring him further on. His hands grazed my ass, then threw away caution, sliding up my dress, squeezing the naked flesh. Our groins pressed together, I could feel his hardness, large and apparent against me. Minutes passed, until I pulled back. Breaking the kiss. His hands fell away from me.

“Do you see now?” He let out, his voice rough with want.
“Kind of.”
“Will you let me take you somewhere?”
“Won’t everyone know we disappeared?”
“Will you, or won’t you?” Impatience and need brought the coldness back to his voice. I scanned his face with my fingertip, from temple to rough beard.
“Okay. I will.”
We were silent as he led the way, hand holding mine in bewildering intimacy. Staying along the line of trees, he obviously hoped no one would see us leaving together. Although we had walked away from the deck together, it was hard to imagine anyone thinking we were still alone in the utter dark. The light from the house reaching us as we neared the vehicles, I glanced to him. Matthew. This was so odd. His face was still set in the same grim fashion as when he had spoken so rudely to me earlier. Was I seriously holding hands with Matthew? Leaving the party alone with him? The situation was unreal. When we reached his truck, he opened the door, and guided me into the passenger’s seat, hand still clutched with mine. I looked down at him then, blue and gray met. I wanted him. My fate was sealed.

The door clicked shut as he got into the other side. Coming towards me, my hands pushed on his chest until his body was laid back completely on the truck seat. My lips devoured his, he accepted. Pulling me across him, my legs opened to straddle his hips. His hands finding my breasts. Trying to free them from my dress. I reached for the hem, pulling it completely over my head, tossing it to the floor. I tugged his shirt up, and he obliged, drawing it off. My breath sucked in, the sight was beautiful. He wasn’t skinny, yet he wasn’t large by any means. I pinched his nipples with my thumb and forefinger, his eyes widening.
“Touch me now.” I commanded pinching harder.
His hand reached for my clit. Finger rubbing until my face flushed further, my eyes glazing over. I almost came then, but jumped back away from his hand. I scooted back, my ass in the air, calves on each side of his. My nipples brushed against his jeans as I unbuttoned them, then slowly slid the zipper down. I looked to his face, he was watching me with undisguised lust.
“Is this what you want me to do?” I asked, placing my lips to his straining cock still confined in his briefs.
“Only yes?” I smirked.
His eyes narrowed, “Yes, only yes.”
“Oh, well, too bad then.” I started to re-fasten his jeans. His hand shot out to grab my hand.
“No, no. I don’t think so.”
“What then?” My hand stilled on the zipper.
“Yes. Please.” He could barely say.

I freed his cock and stroked it in my hand. Sucking the tip, taking him fully till his balls were at my chin. My eyes flicked up to his then, his eyes were darker, half lidded in the yellow light. I let a low moan escaped from deep within. I was aching for him to fill me. His cock came out of my mouth slow with a popping sound. I licked my lips,
“Do you want my pussy?”
“Yes. God- please.”
I turned around so my ass was facing him, but still on top.
“Is my pussy ready for you?”
He reached out and slid a finger deep within the wet warmth.
“Yes, now.” His voice was getting an edge.
He tried to pull himself up, I clamped my legs to his harder. He pushed me forward more, slid out from underneath me, and grabbed my hips.
“Now Quinn. I want you.” He practically growled as his cock entered me in a full swift thrust.

He ran a hand gently through my hair, down my back, then lifted to slap me hard on the ass. I cried out, I needed release, I was dripping and ready. He pounded me with every amount of energy and fury in his body. I craned my neck to see him, he looked completely angry. Attempting to release all of the aggression onto me. Our eyes held, he continued his onslaught. His rock hard cock filling me, stroking every bit of me.
“Quinn, oh god.” It sounded like a plea. He twirled me around, onto my back. His body enveloping mine, mouths connecting with harsh need. With every move of his lips, I grew hotter inside. Curling with intensity deep within. My hands cupped his face to mine, nails into his hair. My back arched beneath him, pressed my breasts to him as I cried into his mouth. Holding on, till the shudders subsided. One of his hands supported my lower back, as he drove faster into me. Breaking the kiss to gasp into my hair.

We collapsed onto the seat, his body laying on mine. His head was on my shoulder, lips moved against my neck.
“Shit, did we really just do that?”
I sighed, “Yes. You ass, we did.”

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  1. nice lead-up 🙂

    but the ending seems simple

    still, nice read.

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