the good girl

The hubs told me last week about a conversation he had with an old friend. It centered around his life, and how things were. The thing that stood out the most to me, and caused me to gaze at him open-mouthed was when he said, “I told her that I did the exact opposite of what I normally would have. I found someone who wasn’t a ‘bad girl’.” He then looks to my odd expression and says, in all seriousness, “I would have never dated someone like you.”

I’ve been perplexed by this statement ever since. Yes, I am not one to want to party all the time. But other than that, I would say I am not necessarily living a conventional existence, well not in my head at least. He knows a little of my fantasies, and certain sexual proclivities. When he and I met, I was in my sexual heyday, allowing myself to go after what I wanted, even if it was just a one night stand. And as a friend before becoming my lover, he knew of my exploits.

Sadly I didn’t pursue this topic, just sitting in shock. He did add, “But then you introduced me to toys, so maybe I was a little off..” I guess I am a lady in public, freak in private. Winking smile

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  1. The girl next door

    Yes honey, you know men want the chef in the kitchen a maid keeping the house and a whore in bed, however most husbands like the “bad girls” for sex but they do not want their wives to be “bad girls” or think of them as whores. Even when that is the behavior in the bed that they desire from their wives. I know my hubby does, but I cannot even say fuck me, go figure.

    And the only toy I had mysteryiously disappeared one day after I told him I had masturbated with it..

    • I love your comment! So true! I can’t believe you can’t say ‘fuck me’, that’s insane. And the toy? Jesus! I would be pissed, luckily my husband likes pleasing me with the toys or watching me please myself..

  2. I am so jealous that you CAN please yourself with it in front of him. I can’t get past the burning embarrassment of it, please pass on the how-to!

    • Penny, I suppose you have to just be comfortable with yourself and your partner in order to get over the intial embarassment. That “naughty” element of doing something maybe a little taboo in front of someone else is a turn on once you get used to it. For the first few times, you could close your eyes and imagine that you are alone, that might help. Let me know how it goes!

  3. It’s funny how we see different people through different eyes. My wife doesn’t see me as a sexual creature, even though I am still attracted to her. In the old days we had great, wild sex. I’m sure we must have looked at each other with different eyes back then.

  4. Penny, do you have sex with the lights on? If not, start there. Once you (as in you and him) are used to that, get in front of a mirror. Let him lay behind you and watch you pleasure yourself as he presses against you from behind. I’m not sure he won’t be able to resist once he sees the join on your face.

    OR if you have two computers in the house go into another room and cam chat with him and “make” him watch you. Men are visual creatures, so once he sees how you take pleasure in this, he should be sure to follow. I know damn well I cant resist a woman that enjoys pleasing herself in front of me.

  5. Got my fingers stuttering…should say *…once he sees the JOY on your face.* However he may read the look as “join”.

  6. Round one – success! Was a little shy still and things took longer than when alone but whole experience was haaawwwwt and am pretty sure can speak for both of us in saying can’t wait for Round 2. 😉
    Thank you for the tips, dear friends. Very helpful indeed!

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