out of control

I stood in the opposite row of shelves to him. Leaving me only the sight of his jaw through the cracks. I pondered if I could slip my hand through and lightly run my index finger across the bristled skin. I was left bereft in wondering if his eyes were turning my way also. Stock still I stayed even as I watched him move away for the opening, his body stalled blocking my way out, my stomach fluttered and clenched. The slight sound of his boots getting closer, my lips parting, panties damp. A piece of hair fell onto my face, making a crescent moon around my eye, as I looked up at him. Body so close I could smell his cologne, with one small move his belt buckle pressed into my stomach, cold and hard against my thin dress and feverish body. His mouth met mine in the urgency of the moment, hands reaching up my dress. His fingers pushed my panties to the side, the evidence of my desire slick on his swirling fingertips. I clutched the side of his shirt in my fist, caressing him over his pants with my other hand. Our arms rubbing against another in the frantic need. Both knowing it wasn’t the moment to completely satiate our wants, taking what we could right then. I shuddered against his body, meeting his tongue with mine one last time. His lips pressed mine in a chaste kiss as his hand fell away from under my dress. Face flushed, I took my things and left with one last smile over my shoulder at the door..

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  1. The girl next door

    I hear ya on this girl, although it is fiction or fantasy. I often imagine an encounter such as this in the huge library we have or some where similar.

    I enjoy having thoughts such as this about complete strangers I see on my daily activities. Great post.

    • Thank you. It’s nice to know I am not alone. I am pretty random about my thoughts on strangers, and tend to fantasize more often about acquaintinces. But I do see strangers and feel rushes, sexual moments clicking through my mind. It’s slightly distracting. 🙂

  2. It is nice to know women are as distracted as us men. 😉

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