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frustrating self love


I’ve discovered recently that since I write about my fantasies, I get a little out of control while masturbating. It’s like the scene is being written out in my head as I fondle myself. Sometimes I lose a little pleasure because my mind is working over drive on how I want the fantasy to be.

Is he on top of me and I’m grabbing his hair? Or is it the opposite?

Is he fucking her, oblivious to me watching? Or is he watching me, me not noticing him?

Where are we at? In the car? At a house?

See how this gets confusing for me? Scenes shifting rapidly, so it ends up being totally disjointed. It’s okay to let yourself run wild, that’s what fantasies are for. I just need to learn how to not analyze so much. I may just be a freak. Anyone else have this issue?  Smile

Image via : Fuck the Sex

surfacing the kink

*This might end up being the most explicit post I’ve written on here, you are forewarned.*

I was double penetrated last night. No, no, not the DP most would think of. I was DP’ed in the pussy. I’m not exactly sure how I heard of this, but somehow I did. From that my obsession grew. I’ve watched porn where a woman takes two men into her pussy, and how I longed to experience it. I had casually mentioned it to the hubs, (however casual that can be brought up Winking smile) and he had almost brushed it off. Pretty much in the vein that it would never happen, so I might as well forget it.

So.. Yesterday morning, I had said to him, “I want DP. Dr. Pepper and double penetration.” Dissolving into laughter at his expression. Somehow this was brought up again last night, and I decided to educate him by showing him some porn. The only I could find was MFM, but figured, what the hey, let’s just get him used to that idea. This was only a five and a half minute video, and around four minutes in, he was gung ho.

“Go get your dildo.” He practically commanded me.

Once dildo was obtained, sufficiently lubed, and me on my knees, we figured out the logistics of the situation. I won’t lie, being filled beyond belief by a cock of exceptional girth, plus a normal (but on the small side girth wise) dildo, was slightly painful at first. It was an odd mixture, pain + pleasure. Confused I almost asked him to stop, but I decided to be patient.

Thank goodness I did. It was fucking incredible. Orifices of me barely explored were tingling with sensation. While I’m sure it was definitely different than two actual cocks, at least I got a little taste of the possibility. I am now wondering, when can I get it again? And where might this lead? Hopefully somewhere orgasmic..