Sex At Dawn


As a recent, yet avid, listener of Dan Savage’s podcast “Savage Love”, I heard him mention a book several times. I picked it up from Amazon after reading a Kindle sample.


After reading it, I felt I had to mention it, as some of my like-minded bloggers might want to check it out. I learned so many things that I knew nothing about, and really made me expand my mind on the things I thought I knew. I have already discussed the book with some of my close friends/husband. It definitely gets things perked up in a conversation.

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  1. Oh, c’mon…do tell us a little about the book. 😉

    • I don’t want to give anything away, but the phrase I kept uttering to others while reading was, “Sperm competition!”. My husband even said, “Did you finish the sperm book?”. Haha. Did you know that the human male’s penis is designed to pull out the competitors’ sperm while still getting his up in there? The book can explain more eloquently than I. 😉

      • Unbridledesires

        Actually I did know that…survival of the fittest. A friend once explained to me that “Form follows purpose”. He was a biology major. I can go into more detail, but that would ruin the book for Sophia.

      • I believe a similar result can be obtained by girl sitting on boy number 2’s face after a fuck from boy number 1 and encouraging him to be “thirsty” before he gets a go.

        So i’ve heard, i wouldn’t know 🙂

        sev xx

  2. Ok you go me interested. 🙂 off to Amazon I go. 🙂

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