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the good girl

The hubs told me last week about a conversation he had with an old friend. It centered around his life, and how things were. The thing that stood out the most to me, and caused me to gaze at him open-mouthed was when he said, “I told her that I did the exact opposite of what I normally would have. I found someone who wasn’t a ‘bad girl’.” He then looks to my odd expression and says, in all seriousness, “I would have never dated someone like you.”

I’ve been perplexed by this statement ever since. Yes, I am not one to want to party all the time. But other than that, I would say I am not necessarily living a conventional existence, well not in my head at least. He knows a little of my fantasies, and certain sexual proclivities. When he and I met, I was in my sexual heyday, allowing myself to go after what I wanted, even if it was just a one night stand. And as a friend before becoming my lover, he knew of my exploits.

Sadly I didn’t pursue this topic, just sitting in shock. He did add, “But then you introduced me to toys, so maybe I was a little off..” I guess I am a lady in public, freak in private. Winking smile

fantasy fulfilled

The hubs has become more comfortable with his sexual dominance over me. A few nights ago, he instructed me to move to the end of the Zeppelin, legs slightly spread, face to the floor. He moved onto my legs, so that he was sitting on me, and pounded ruthlessly. My cheek rubbed into the rug, my elbows tried to hold myself in place, but it was a lost cause. He put one hand onto my shoulder blade, forcing me to keep position. The mix of the angle he was penetrating me, with the sheer intensity of his lust, caused me to scream out over and over. Only stopping to try and catch my breath a few times, I’m lucky my neighbors are apparently oblivious to my loudness. This was exactly what I have been craving, him losing himself, becoming a creature of need.


I haven’t been writing much lately, I just got back from a trip. I was crazy busy the whole time, although I did get to check in on my fellow bloggers, sorry if I didn’t comment much..

Hopefully I’ll get to writing this week sometime when things get a little back to normal.

I got home late last night, I was exhausted from the trip, the hubs exhausted from cleaning before I got back. Smile We woke up fairly early this morning and wanted each other badly. We had both slept nude, so we immediately went for it. We couldn’t seem to stay apart all day, even while I was in the kitchen making breakfast, sticky dough on my hands. He came in, lifted my dress, and took me from behind, my hands braced on the counter. Every time I felt him hard against me, stabs of desire racked my body. Both feeling insatiable, we finally tired out, and are now just relaxing after dinner. Who knows, I could go for more before the night is over..