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swallowing the shine of the sun


I’m not even sure he realizes.

stepping through my shadow

I listen to Tool probably too much, but this is my current favorite song of any at the moment. I relate it to myself, opening myself, exploring. Learning that there is a possibility of things lying dormant within me.


Since my mind has been blank of creativity lately, thought I’d share one of my favorite songs. I have known this song for years, and it’s always stuck with me. No matter how many times I listen to it, there’s always room for more.

roll these misty windows down


Occasionally a song will be so sexy, it actually makes me wet. This is one of those songs. I can’t help but move my hips and imagine what it would be like to give a lap dance or ride a guy to the sound of it..

keep your secrets with you girl

Currently obsessed…

I can feel you behind my eyes..

This is one of my favorite sexy songs. Currently listening, hoping for inspiration..





girl on top naked Damien quote

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don’t get any big ideas

I’m having a bit of block. The fact that I’m not writing possibly means that my thoughts on the naughty side of life have lessened. But- I’m so ready to put my fingers to the keyboard. I have been in a very Radiohead mood the last few days, this song possibly my favorite.. So, I’m going to listen, and hopefully ideas will flow. 😦

cannot stop myself

Whew, I’m in a Nine Inch Nails mood today. I love this video for multiple reasons… Josh Freese is always incredible to watch, he really gets into the drums. The song, that guitar riff gets me every time. Oh, and Trent’s Henley is really working for me.. 😉

I’m too scared…

Possibly my favorite song at the moment..