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frustrating self love


I’ve discovered recently that since I write about my fantasies, I get a little out of control while masturbating. It’s like the scene is being written out in my head as I fondle myself. Sometimes I lose a little pleasure because my mind is working over drive on how I want the fantasy to be.

Is he on top of me and I’m grabbing his hair? Or is it the opposite?

Is he fucking her, oblivious to me watching? Or is he watching me, me not noticing him?

Where are we at? In the car? At a house?

See how this gets confusing for me? Scenes shifting rapidly, so it ends up being totally disjointed. It’s okay to let yourself run wild, that’s what fantasies are for. I just need to learn how to not analyze so much. I may just be a freak. Anyone else have this issue?  Smile

Image via : Fuck the Sex