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the slow hush

“He sang of the first permission of flesh and flesh to entangle
how we abandon the guard of our heart and throw our borders
open and welcome a sweet invader to take possession
the sudden exquisite catch in a throat and the slow hush
of a breath unfettered the sweetest sounds to a lover’s ear
He sang of hands finding shyly at first their way
to another shelf of hips oh how the heart flares
and melts like wax spilling over a candle’s lip”

-Craig Arnold

I can’t get Craig Arnold’s words out of my mind the last few weeks. Re-reading poems again and again..

sleepy eyes smile

We were pale skin against matching skin
My pink lips pressing a small kiss
to the tip of his strong freckled nose
I raise my body above his
His scratchy chin resting atop my breasts
Knees hug ribcage
Firm yet pliant
His hands roam my backside
Sliding in gentle motion
From shoulder blades
Creeping down to thighs
I held myself barely still
Aching for more
Yet teasing
Running fingertips through cropped hair

My body holding no longer
Gliding my hips to meet his
Connecting sweet bliss
My mouth pulled to his
Quick and demanding
Breasts tickled in his light chest hair
Holding onto me still
He pulled us both sitting erect
My legs wrapped around him
Heels ground into bed covers

His hand found my hair
Twisting and gripping
So hard my neck
Cocked back
Eyes met just a moment
Before he ravaged my neck
His teeth making their way
From the base
To ear lobe

My gasps roughing his hair
Against my lips
Fingernails finding biceps
No resisting
The waves crashing inside
My eyes fluttered
To find his
Slightly crinkle at the edges
While his lips slowly upturned
Relief in the release…

city lights

She awoke to find him
Freshly showered
Bare body against hers
His chest pressed to her face
Smelled of soap and man

The glow of city lights
Invading the gaps between curtains
Set a golden feel about the room
Otherwise encased in shadows

He set his lips to her forehead
As her hands roamed his lean back
And pert bottom
His long body slid over hers
Thighs brush

Her legs eased up to welcome
The invasion not aptly named
Deliberate slow strokes
He held himself above her
Muscles straining in arms
So near her face

Her hips rose and fell
In time with his
Nails into his lower back
Reveling in the soothing voice
Beckoning her to the edge

As he filled her
The void was complete
Burning and clenching
Her back arched to meet him
Hip to hip
Chest to breasts

Her fingers clutched
His ruffled hair dark as night
His mouth branding her
With a searing kiss
His hand gripped her bottom
Her cries barely audible
Against his mouth
In the calm dark night…

copper irises

She could barely tell of his body
Hidden under the wintry layers
On top.
But the slight looseness of his jeans
Showcased a full perfect roundness
His eyes smiled to her
Under old fashioned eye glasses
While lips moved to do the same
Something hidden but yet revealed
Beneath sooty lashes stark against
Copper irises

His hand reaching out
The side of his finger running the length
Elbow to wrist
Her tongue moistening lips in reply
She tentatively found the zip of his coat
Sliding it down,
Pushing inside
Hands grazing stomach to pecs
To shoulders and off his arms

Her hands upon him
He could wait no longer
Desperate for the feel of her against him
He pulled her close
One hand on the small of her back
The other cups her cheek
Finger caressing her jaw
Her head tipped back
To hold his steady gaze

Lips touched
His full and heated
Hers berry tasted of mint
Tongues slow dance
Low rhythm
She pulsed for him
As he finally reached inside
Filling to the brim
Discovering every hidden crevice
Moving in tandem to the kiss
Releasing them both
While never losing grip.


As I stepped out of the room,
head down, I crashed directly
into his chest.
The hallway was dark, but it was him.
Since our last escapade,
there had been no words spoken,
looks exchanged.
Being so close was torturous agony.

The bar was pulsing,
low heady bass lines
vibrate the walls lightly.
The enclave barely lit,
he took hold of my upper arms.
Steering me deeper into a corner
no one could see.
Lips parted to speak,
before a sound could escape
his mouth covered mine.
Crushing passion,
whiskey tasted and fueled.

Back arched,
nipples hardening as my breasts pressed into him.
Our tongues woven in desperate frenzy.
Wrap a leg around his waist,
straining closer.
Gray satin covered heel
pressing just above his jeans.
Black chiffon bunched between us,
as he held onto me with one hand.
His other tugging the top of my dress,
to allow his mouth to dip inside for a taste.

My hand cradled his head,
fingers stroking dark hair specked with age.
He expelled a breath,
floated hot and rushed against my neck.
Raging fire,
almost stone.

——— I wrote this after my post earlier. It had started as a story, which I felt was complete crap. So I went through and turned it into poem. 🙂 Radiohead definitely motivated me.

spiced honey

Hands find the hem of her silken shirt
Tugging higher
As it ripples over her head
His spiced honey waves
Curl around her slender fingers
Easing him to tip down
Teeth catch her lower lip
She opens to him
Tongues dance in fevered play

Slow with agony
He unleashes the button of her jeans
Heart thumping with each tick
Of her zipper
His clothes still gracing his beautiful skin
She leans into him
Breasts against pure cotton
Her hands seeking
Fingertip grazes inside the band of his briefs
No doubts

Tumbled as one
His body covering hers on the gleaming floor
Her hands clutch strong shoulder blades
Stuck out from the strain
Thighs welcome hips
Smothering all fear
The moment is here…


by chance she saw him
sitting a few chairs down
once acknowledged
she couldn’t pull her eyes away
palms sweating
heart pounding
he was there
right in her face
cinnamon dusted jaw
pale cheeks

as his head moved in her direction
she was caught staring
intent cornflower eyes
searched for recognition
she attempted to shake off
all the knowing looks
hesitant decision was made
as he moved out of his seat
made his way

the voice that spoke
had existed in her sleep
his hand was soft
fingertips rough
when he enveloped hers
as time grew
she tried to be aloof
an offer blurted
from his lips

as it went
their shoes crunching
the ground underneath
stolen glances
he reached out
pulled her into the alley
moved in
touched her face
his hand
ran through her hair
the back of her neck

her tongue ran across
petal pink lips
an invitation
he brought his
onto hers
lightly brushed against
her hands clutched
the sides of his shirt
feel the man underneath

he lost himself
strangers latching on
he could not
would not
break away
he gripped her with urgency
connecting her back
to the cool stone wall
this was enough
no words spoken
bodies told all


oh fuck

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Immediately feel your hands at my waist
Imagine pushing you against the wall
Ripping the button off your pants
I want to know what you feel like
Cupped in my palm
To know how your tongue glides on my skin
Would you flush with heat as fast as my heartbeat?
The rough curve of your jaw marking me in smudged streaks
Air thick with barely audible
Sobs and collusion of skin against skin
Fingertips weaving through my hair
Coaxing me into you further
Seeking the exquisite pain
Of this secret fantasy…


He grips one hand above her head
His other kneading her hip
Her hair tangles against the wall

A voice whispers
As lips find the lobe of her ear
She is bad

He will show her the light
While trembling in the darkness

Her frenzied body arches to combine
Fever ridden
Silky flesh

No, be patient
He murmurs urgently
Appreciate the gift

Inside pulsing beyond control
Blue as flame

Her teeth catch onto
His lower lip
He absorbs her whimper
As a hot breath
Floats and fills him


sunshine cloudspicnik His eyes are a meeting
Of the summer blue sky
And a late afternoon storm

She imagines being able
To look into them freely
Across a table
Hovering over her face

Her stomach catches
Breath stutters
When he turns that
Charming broad smile
Her way

His hand slid forward
Fingertips graze her arm
Eyes fluttered up
Realization sparks

The slight crook of her smile
The answer is yes.